Star Trek Bird of Prey version 2.0

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Summary 05-15-2017 : Added a stand for the Bird of Prey ;o) 05-14-2017 : This model was based on nd4spd1919 model ( I remade the guns in Tinkercad to be able to print them correctly and i separated the guns and nose because i wasn't able to achieve a good result of those pieces when removing the supports. I made 2 versions of the nose and guns because i noticed that sometimes the quality of the print varies when an object is oriented on different axes. How I Designed This I used Autodesk Netfabb to repair the mesh of the original model to be able to print it without problems. I used Meshmixer to separate the nose and guns from the main body and i used Tinkercad to create the pegs and holes that fit together.

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