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Summary I'm working on something new an could use your feedback! This is a simplified 1 hr print of a special attachment mechanism important to the function of a new toy I am developing. The idea is a starting point for my 3d model, so I can develop the rest of it while I figure out the right tolerances for these pieces. From my experience, clips and sliding parts can produce very different results when people print my designs. If you have time to print a useless doodad I would appreciate some feedback in order to get more consistent print results from various printers. What I'm looking for in this mechanism: does the ring turn freely and effortlessly, as in the video, without needing to grip too hard? does the ring fit tightly enough on the base to stay fairly secure? does the insert fit into the ring relatively easily? does it stay secure when the ring is locked? although a little play is not really a problem. If people are actually interested in helping I might save out a few different part gap sizes people could try, and save out new versions based on feedback. Print Settings Rafts: Doesn't Matter Supports: Doesn't Matter Notes: print the base lengthwise on the flat surface print the ring with the vertical grooves open side facing up print the insert with the flared out flat surface facing down on the build plate

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