Epoxy mixing cup


This is a very simple epoxy mixing cup, fast and cheap to print. There are two parts: the cup and the divider. The cup is printed in vase mode (one continuous vertical layer), you can print it at the fastest setting of your printer (0.35mm or 0.4mm). The divider should be printed at 0.2mm. Insert the divider to create the desired epoxy mixing ratio: I made this for the XTC-3D 3D Print Coating epoxy, which mixes at 2:1, so I bend the divider at the middle crease to 120 degrees; for 1:1 mixes just use the straight divider. Pour the epoxy components, make sure levels are equal on both sides (easier if the filament is transparent). Fold the divider completely at the middle crease, fold it again at the other two creases, and use it as a mixing stick. This is a one-use thing, so use your cheapest filament :)

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