Summary 3D printable whistles. Prints mostly without support. Instructions Whistles I made for my daughters, currently they work for me, but the girls cannot get enough air through them to make them work. The peas do not work as intended so I broke them out of my first print, and will remove them from future versions. I will be tweaking these so that my daughters can use them. It is interesting to hear the difference in tone that the added volume creates. Print these 'top down' so that the only support required is through the mouthpiece. The Whistle03_50pc is the same as Whistle02, only scaled to 50% of the original size. This one my daughters can use, however the tone is quite ear piercing. The tube whistles are tricky, I am working on a way to get these to work consistently while printing vertically. I have added a tongue, although this still does not get a good tone working. If you 'plug' the end with your finger while blowing you can get a mediocre tone. More updates coming soon. Designed in 123d Design.

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