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This. Everything the human race has been working towards in the last 10,000 years culminates in this, the single most useful object in the universe. Every advance in thermoplastics, every hour of every day and night spent by the original RepRap team, every moment of Edison's rejuvenating catnaps, every ellipse Newton drew, Euclid's scratches in the dust at Alexandria, agriculture, the first flake of flint noticed by a clever ape, each of these is a link in the unbroken chain of progress that leads to this model. Along with Archimedes, Turing, Salk, Berners-Lee, Stepanov, Von Liebig, and countless others who helped establish the infrastructure required to make this spray can top we must also credit Kelly Egan for creating the original model. I have modified Egan's opus and thereby assured my place in history by enlarging and directing the spray chamber. Until 3d printers are capable of sub-micron resolution, we must enable the spray by pushing a hot needle through the nozzle. The maximizing of aerosolization is left as an exercise for the reader.

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