Geeetech GT2560 controller case

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I have this case in use for a view years now and it shows on the pictures because it has collected a lot of dust :-).

At the time I wanted to make a case that wood keep my controller and drivers as cool as possible. 

Also I wanted easy access to the components for trouble shooting.

Good cooling I tried to achieve by making 4 sides of the case of aluminum that absorbs the heat easy. The bottom of the case is made of an giant heat sink from an old elevator motor drive. There is a lot of empty space inside so the air can move free trough the case. In the back is a fan (60x60mm) and a second one I have installed on top of the case. This second one I use on warm days, when the ambient temperature of the room is high. The 2 red buttons on the front switch these fans.

Accessibility was also an aim for me, because a had to do a lot of trouble shooting on this printer at the time. I made sure I have a good view on the connectors on the back. Making sure I can see that all the connections are made good (had a lot of trouble with bad connections in the past with this printer) :-) .When the top lid is removed, everything is very easy to access. I know this is a big case, but that gives also a lot of room to work with :-).

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