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This Lamp is inspired by a flower

The main body is made out of two parts printed in spiral vase mode.  The first part is green and acts as a basis. The second part is red and acts as the blossom part. Inside this red blossom part the LED’s are situated. The light effects are partially created by three separated LED’s One LED is red, one green and one is blue. In this case I used 1watt LED’s. Then these LED’s are separated from each other with equal distance from each other. Also these LED’s are glued with thermal compound to an aluminum plate that fits into the red blossom part.  This is for cooling and to keep them apart.  I will make a model of this LED part soon in the future, because people keep asking how it works. Because I like to experiment with light, I made it so, that you can put other lampshades ore objects into the blossom parts.   This creates a lot of cool light effects, which are ever changing depending on the form of the placed objects.  I tried to capture these effects on the photos.But it loses a lot on the photos …   There are some shots of the sealing also. Also I added some photos of the flower lamp with some other objects and lamp shades in it.  I experimented with lampshades and vases that are posted already and there are 2 that I didn’t post  (the one in the photos that is printed in translucent PET-G and the one printed in translucent transparent PET-G).  They are also included as optional STL files. But of course you can also use this lamp in its basic form or make your own custom lamp :-) .

First part is printed in green PET-G 0.2mm resolution, 0.4mm nozzle Second part is printed in red translucent PET-G 0.35mm resolution, 0.5mm nozzle

Design Files

File Size part BASIS.stl
104 MB part transparant PET-G one.stl
58.1 MB part BLOSSOM.stl
107 MB part BLUE PET-G one.stl
78.5 MB


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