Sections of a Cube


This lesson ignites students interests in 3D geometry by exploring the sections of a cube using a 10 cm, magnetically fastened cube as a visual teaching device.

Printed Parts:

     9 main body parts

     Ring parts in four colors

     26 magnet caps

Other Items Needed:

     24x  0.75in diameter magnets

      2x  1/4in steel whasher

This lesson plan was a submission in the Create to Educate lesson plan contest with MatterHackers, sponsored by Ultimaker

Design Files

File Size

Body - 5.stl
3.98 MB
Body - 3.stl
4.52 MB
Body - 1.stl
4.24 MB
Lesson Plan - Sections of a Cube.docx
542 KB
Ring - Rectangle.stl
3.99 MB
Ring - Square.stl
3.45 MB
Ring - Triangle.stl
1.56 MB
Body - 2.stl
9.72 MB
Body - 4.stl
3.34 MB
Body - 6.stl
1.16 MB
Body - 7.stl
3.33 MB
Body - 8.stl
4 MB
Body - 9.stl
4.93 MB
Magnet Cover.stl
86.8 KB
Ring - Octagon.stl
3.68 MB


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