Shoot & Drop - Physics Experiment


Gravity is always acting upon us throughout our everyday activities, but somehow a large number of people don’t understand the basic concepts behind the force that keeps our feet on the ground. This is a simple experiment that demonstrates some of the core concepts of gravity and gets you thinking.

The model releases two balls simultaneously, one is launched forwards while the other is dropped to the ground. The question is, which ball hits the ground first? The ball launched horizontally, or the ball simply dropped to the ground? Print the model to find out if your prediction is correct. Two different strength springs are included so you can test your theory with the launched ball leaving faster or slower.

The lesson plan includes notes and two worksheets. Giving you the option to have students work through the lesson on there own, or teach it to the class having them write a final paper at the end. Overall the model is lots of fun to play around with and can teach you a valuable lesson.

Design Files

File Size

Springs & Pin.stl
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Ball without Hole.stl
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Ball with Hole.stl
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All in one.stl
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Lesson Plan.pdf
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