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The modular clock is a didactic teaching model used to represent a real analog clock in order to play with it and lear how to tell and write time, also how clocks works. You can also print angle and radians module to learn about geometry. All modules are compatible each other and many more are coming.

You can use any standard configuration in order to print the .STL files, but this is recommended:

a) 20 microns layer height 

b) 30% infill 

c) Supports no needed 

d) Any filament color (preferable different colors) 

e) Any filament (preferable PLA or ABS)

Design Files

File Size

Educate Lesson Plan Contest.pdf
1.29 MB
Excersie Form.pdf
194 KB
CM - Angles.stl
2.92 MB
OB - Radians.stl
2.85 MB
CM - Hours.stl
2.03 MB
OB - 24hours.stl
2.36 MB
OB - Minutes.stl
6.72 MB
OB - Roman.stl
1.95 MB
P - Hand1.stl
79.7 KB
P - Hand2.stl
110 KB
P- Stake.stl
468 KB


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