Outputless Planetary gearbox

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A simple module 1 gear set created to test to lowest module a CR-10 printer can print. Under 0.2mm layer height, the models prints under 5 hours and is functional with little friction and alignment issues.

Design Files

File Size

Planetary_Gears - internal spur gear_iso_boss-3.STL
137 KB
Planetary_Gears - Outer_Cover-1.STL
83.8 KB
Planetary_Gears - spur gear_iso_handle_2-9.STL
132 KB
Planetary_Gears - spur gear_iso_handle-6.STL
46 KB
Planetary_Gears - spur gear_iso_handle-7.STL
46 KB
Planetary_Gears - spur gear_iso_handle-8.STL
46 KB


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