Building a DNA chain

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The objective of this project is for students to manage to assemble a DNA chain with the bases.

First, virtually and with the pieces that we attach, they will have to recreate it with a 3D design programme.

Then they can build up the DNA chain with the printed pieces, recreating the design with the dovetail mechanic.

Students will learn about the formation of the DNA chain with the help of the physical model, which they can do later. These models are useful for Biology or Chemistry.

In addition, when creating the digital version, they learn the basic mechanics of the chosen 3D design program. (Rotation, translation and scaling).

The STEAM approach (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) has been chosen to develop this project. It will be from different subjects as it is going to be carried out. 

Printing tips: scale at 30%

This lesson plan was a submission in the Create to Educate lesson plan contest with MatterHackers, sponsored by Ultimaker

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