1940s Desk with working drawers and secret compartments (1/18 sc


Summary A proper desk for private detectives and investigators of all kinds, with both working drawers to keep things tidy as well as two secret compartments to hide valuables and important documents. Just remove the snap-in panels to open up the hidden areas. Print the desk, two each of drawer_top and drawer_bottom, one of drawer_middle, and two of whichever panel works better (see comments below). Also included is a plated version of the drawers. I've also included a swanky blotter to give the desk a bit more of a vintage feel. I recommend giving that a bit of paint after printing to produce the proper leather and green (or whatever color you like) felt appearance. If you like this sort of thing and want to see more, be sure to follow us on Twitter and/or join the discussion on our Facebook page Print Settings Notes: You'll need to use a bit of support to print the desk. I recommend giving ample room between the supports and the model so that they'll be easy to remove. Otherwise, you'll likely have to spend quite a bit of time cleaning things up in order to be able to snap the panels in. Also, note that there are two versions of the panels available. The normal panel file might be a bit loose, so I've also included a tighter option. Which one works better will depend a bit on your printer, but they're quick prints. My advice is to start with the normal panel, and if that's too loose to stay in the desk, try printing the tight version and shaving it down with an exacto knife until it just fits.

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