3D Printed Phone Case Lesson Plan

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Custom 3D Printed Phone Case Lesson Plan

Here is my lesson plan to create your own custom Phone case in the classroom or out! This lesson is made for both beginners and advance users in CAD software. I created two paths in the lesson. If your phone is not listed in the downloads and are having trouble creating a case just message me and I can design one for you! I chose to make only iPhone cases because on average, most people have them. I'm very sorry if you have an android or another type of phone. I included some photos of the cases I made from the designs and a render of the blank cases.


Create a Custom Phone case by importing pre-made phone case .STL files based on what type of phone you have. I recommend using TinkerCAD for this path because you can manipulate .STL files easily and it's very basic yet powerful. I created the iPhone 6 - X cases including the plus versions in the downloads.

Advance : 

Create a Custom Phone case from scratch by using your phone's dimensions from the Apple Accessory Design Guidelines or other resources. Use a sketch based CAD; I used AutoDesk Fusion 360 to create mine and all the blank case templates.


I also made a short presentation on what 3D Printing is.  So, students can understand the capabilities of Additive Manufacturing and learn how the process works when printing an object. This is not an in depth presentation on every single aspect of 3D Printing, it just gives the general idea and some examples of what it can achieve. The presentation is in the downloads under " What is 3D Printing presentation.pdf" .  


I wanted to make a lesson plan that would attract all audiences and would be a very engaging topic. Everyone is constantly on their phones everywhere you go, and the cases people own show a lot about that person. But there isn't much customization to it unless you want to spend a lot extra. I wanted to see if this idea had been done yet, surprisingly there hadn't been a very comprehensive guide to make your very own custom case. So, I decided to take up the challenge! This is a perfect STEAM lesson plan for students anywhere and it serves as a great introduction or an advance project for CAD and 3D printing.


I explain in the real Lesson Plan how my Lesson Plan adheres to the Maryland State standards for all areas in STEAM! This Lesson Plan truly incorporates Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math that any student will enjoy! This Lesson Plan educates and prepares students for the 21st century workforce.

What's Included

  • What is 3D Printing Powerpoint
  • Lesson Plan PDF with directions on how to create cases for Advance and Beginner Levels     
  • iPhone 6-X and plus sizes blank cases .STL files (My designs I created)
  • Apple Accessory Design Guidelines

Design Files

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What is 3D printing.pdf
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3D Printing Custom Phone Case Lesson Plan.pdf
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iPhone X case blank.stl
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Iphone 8 plus case blank.stl
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iPhone 8 case blank.stl
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iPhone 7 plus case blank.stl
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iPhone 6 & 6s case blank.stl
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iPhone 6 & 6s plus case blank.stl
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iphone 7 case blank.stl
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Example Custom Batman iPhone 6 case.stl
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