R/C Piper ElectriFly Motor Mount

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So many people have these under powered little Piper R/C airplanes but I made me a solution to the problem using an old motor I had laying around from another project I never got around to buying so I put it in my Piper ... an ElectriFly RIMFIRE Motor 22M-1000, It's a perfect fit and I'm sure I can find a nice LiPo full of power to fly for ten or more minutes I can jam into the plane too.  ITMT, I can make modifications to my design should anybody else want to use a different motor ... maybe even design mounts or other things for other R/C airplanes.  I don't think it can get any neater than this.  It's probably way more power than the plane needs, but at low throttle settings the plane should fly with power to spare if not even rip the wing right off.  I only wish I had an old Spektrum AR6000 receiver so I can fly it with my original 2004 Spektrum DX6 radio.  

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