3D Printing Symbolism Lesson Plan


This lesson should be used to teach students about the concept of symbolism and identify and analyze symbols from novels or short stories.

Students Will Be Able To:

-Learn to use and operate Tinkercad design software (free, need email address to register)

-Design and create simple 3D objects in Tinkercad

-Identify a symbol in their novel and design it in 3D

-Analyze how the symbol manifests itself in the novel

-Match the symbols other students created to the correct explanation

Target grade level: 6th-10th

Includes the following resources:

-A full multiple day lesson plan that moves students through learning basic design, to designing their own 3D symbols from any novel you are reading in class. Includes formative activities to build understand and assessments. 

-Example STLs files of symbols from "The Giver"

-Rubrics you may use for grading

Design Files

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