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PLA FAN 2 Because my PLA FAN can only cool from one side, I made a second one. This one has a much bigger housing, so it will take more room. This one is designed to spread the air 360 degrees around the nozzle in such a way it doesn’t hit the nozzle.  This design is made in two parts with the great advantage that the inside of the housing can be printed very smooth.  That will take the air resistance down and thus the airflow up. It will also extend the fans life and reduce noise. I printed tis model in translucent PET-G so the light from the LED, which is mounted on the bottom of the X wagon, can come through. There is already support material added on the main body, which has to be removed afterwards. See print screen for more info.  The main body and the lid are also glued together at the outer ends. For the mounting of this FAN housing I needed other brackets.  The bracket at the timing belt side has also an extra option for mounting a “timing belt stabilizer”.  If the timing belts are long they are more likely to fibrate as a snare on a guitar. For this problem it helps to install this part.  The idea is that it slightly holds (or touches) the timing belt and thus takes the vibrations out.  It also uses three bearings 623ZZ (diameter 10mm x 4mm, bore is 3mm). This one is recommend for spiral vase mode for sure :-)

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