Shadow of war Blades - Urfael & Acharn


Summary Shadow of War BLADES

Urfael: The sword has served Talion in his life as a Ranger of Gondor, as a Captain of the Watch upon the Black Gate. Now, even in death, the sword serves Talion still, in his quest for vengeance, reaping a fearsome tally on the Uruk-hai of Mordor. Acharn: The hilt-piece of Dirhael's shattered sword, the broken blade is still a lethal implement, re-named Acharn, meaning "vengeance" in Sindarin, and likewise re-purposed as a silent implement to enact its namesake upon Sauron's armies.

FULL Size. if you guys print one. kindly share the images. Update 1: Image uploaded where these blades were scaled down to 3.33% of original size. Lost few details but still looks good. Update 2: More images.

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