Sauron Armor - Complete


Summary Sauron Complete Armor Finished the Armor. ( Yeayyy) This is my first COSPLAY based model. so it is mainly created with Cosplay in mind. as some pieces ( like the hands and fingers Armor plates are separate) will glue on the glove chest plate, shoulder plates will need straps of some sort or velcro to attach each other. etc. we will be printing this in near future so can't wait to share the images of the final step. all files are organized in folders to keep you in the right direction. Softwares used to create this project. 3DSMAX - for modelling Netfabb - Slicing and making sure parts are printable. Keyshot - Rendered Images ( will make few more close-ups later this week) Time took to create this ( lost quite a few nights sleep) The Model can be resized to any height ( the files in the folder will create a 500mm heigh model) it would be an idea if I create a dummy for the armour to display on (yeayy another thing to add on ) if you guys are printing this kindly share the images. if need help with sizing or any questions feel free to drop me a message. Hope you guys like it.

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