Shapeoko / Xcarve Dust Shoe


Summary This dust shoe is designed to work with the Inventables Spindle Carriage, P/N 80031 for the quietcut spindle. It should work with any Shakeoko, Shapeoko2 or Xcarve that has this particular spindle carriage. It's designed for a standard 2.25" shop vac hose. The shop vac hose adapter also works well for other things- like building a dust collector for your table saw, etc. Hardware Needed: 4x M5x20 SHCS to attach left and right support arms to upper dust shoe 4x M5x12 SHCS to attach vacuum adapter to upper dust shoe 3x M4x12 SHCS to attach left arm to spindle mount 12x 10mm x 3mm high strength magnets (I bought mine here: Brush Bristle Strip (I bought mine from amazon: 5x M3x10 SHCS to attach Brush strip to lower dust shoe. This is a pretty self-explanatory build. 1) Superglue (or other appropriate adhesive) the magnets into the pockets on the lower and upper dust shoes. Take care to get the polarity right so they stick together the parts rather than repel them! 2) punch holes in the brush strip then screw it on to the lower dust shoe. This didn't work as well as I'd like, I may end up redesigning this for a clamp to hold the brush strip in place. But it works for now. 3) assemble the upper dust shoe. 4) it'll snap onto the spindle carriage if you are careful. Then bolt in place. 5) attach your shop vac and start carving! Print Settings Printer: Snowstock Rafts: Doesn't Matter Supports: No Resolution: 0.2mm Infill: 50%+ Notes: I used Verbatim PLA at a 50%+ fill- these parts are all structural so make sure they are solid! The parts are all designed to easily print with no support. How I Designed This The parts were all designed on Solidworks 2017. The .prt and assembly files are included for your remixing fun.

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