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Torpedo Lamp

This lampshade, which can also be a vase, is inspired by a red glass of wine. But later I saw more of a torpedo shape in it :-)

It's printed in “vase spiral mode” of red transparent PET-G at 0.2mm resolution. Nozzle size 0.4mm at 220 degree Celsius. For the Anet A6 this object was printed on, it was necessary to reduce the flow-rate to 80%, printing with this PET-G. But this flow-rate setting may vary on other printers. On other printers, experimenting with vase spiral mode, it works even on 49% Flow-rate with PET-G. Also printing slow with PET-G gives much better results. That means like 25mm/sec or slower :-)

PS: I may have re-scaled the object in the slicer programs.

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