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RC project, based around the F103 models from Tamiya. Except for the front axles and arms as well as the rear axle, everything else can be 3D printed within a platform of 12x12x12xcm.

Design Files

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connect 2.stl
80.6 KB
116 KB
F103 headlights.stl
1.37 MB
F103 cockpit.stl
988 KB
F103 ESC supp.stl
64.3 KB
F103 front grill.stl
125 KB
F103 Hood - servo mount.STL
57.1 KB
F103 mid section comp[.stl
584 KB
F103 motor mount rear fitting.stl
16.9 KB
F103 rear suspension mount.stl
942 KB
F103 side pipe.stl
683 KB
F103Front section comp.stl
1.5 MB
F103motor mount.stl
901 KB


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