iPhone 7 PLUS, 6 PLUS or 6S PLUS cradle +sound amplifier

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Auggie's Flippable iPhone 7 PLUS, 6 PLUS or 6S PLUS cradle with sound redirector amplifier Landscape and Portrait Modes

This one I truly love. It's is a different and more useful take on my previous designs. The need for it came to me when I kept looking at Facebook and realizing that since the Facebook timeline doesn't have a landscape mode I kept switching the portrait to landscape and back all the time while on the Facebook app when I wanted to watch a video.

Works both with or without cases up to 9.3 mm thick. It allows the user to watch movies while resting in bed with the sound redirected forward toward the user or for watching videos while having breakfast on a table. It also allows for browsing in portrait mode as when browsing Facebook and still allows for charging and headphones if wanted.

It includes the hole for the 6 plus and the 6S plus 3.5mm jack. It also works as a night table cradle to recharge overnight and to use alarm clock apps in either landscape or portrait modes.

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MakerBot Replicator 2






Depending on the material you might or might not need supports. If first try use supports and if you have two-heads and soluble material filament then it's pretty easy. The one I printed I used no supports but from experience I know it'll depend on each case.

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