Axial Wraith LED extrusion holder


Mount a super-cheap LED strip light on the roof of your Axial Wraith. The holder is designed to match a V shaped aluminum extrusion (pictured) for 12mm wide rigid 12v LED strips. Print these mounts, buy a rigid LED strip and the V shaped extrusion and you have a roof mounted driving lamp on your rig.

The mounts hook around the roll cage and doesn't require new holes in the roof panel, but does require longer M2.6 x 10-12mm screws.

Photos of the mounts on my Wraith to come soon (Nov 2017).

Note: 12v LED strips run best from a 3s LiPo power source (11.1v), but a square 9v battery will light them too.

Design Files

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Wraith LED extrusion holder.stl
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