Handlebar Mount - iPhone 5 w/ Otterbox Case


Most of the mainstream accessories for smartphones do not take into account the size of a case, especially the large size of Otterbox Defender series cases. Therefore I have made a very specific application bicycle handlebar mount for an iPhone 5 inside an Otterbox Defender case.

Handlebar diameter: 22mm-23mm

Materials needed: 3D printed parts 3 zip-ties (cable ties) 2-side tape NOTE: Pictures are of the first prototype, improved design .STL are what's been uploaded.

Print Settings Printer: Flashforge Creator Pro 

Rafts: No 

Supports: Yes 

Resolution: 0.2500 

Infill: 50% - 60% 

Notes: I used PLA, but ABS should work too.


Watch video for assembly instructions. 

Put 2-sided tape inside the handlebar braces to keep the hole thing from rotating.

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