Bicycle Mount - Galaxy 6 w/ Otterbox Case


Designed for a Samsung Galaxy 6 with an Otterbox Defender case. Phone mount is to be fitted on the center bar where the handlebars attach.

Materials needed: 3D printed parts Super Glue Hose Clamps (or Zip ties)(

Print Settings

Printer: Flashforge Creator Pro 

Rafts: Yes 

Supports: Yes 

Resolution: .200 Infill: 30% 


I use 3 shells (outer layers), use your judgement to set the infill for a strong part.

Parts where given a 20 min acetone bath.

Post-Printing Assembly 1) Add a generous amount of Super Glue to the groves and flat surface of the slot that's on the top edge of the Phone Cradle. 2) Insert the Paddle into the slot right after applying the Super Glue. 3) Allow glue to dry completely. Installation 1) Insert two - 1/2" wide hose clamps (or zip ties) into the back slot. 2) Wrap clamps (zip ties) around center bar of handlebars. 3) Feed lose end of clamp into worm screw and tighten. (feed zip tie and pull tight)

Note: I recommend putting two-sided tape on the back of the slot to prevent unwanted rotation.

Design Files

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