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Summary This is a staff I made for a show. The body can be drilled to fit whatever size led's you want to fit. The handle holds the battery pack and switch. The body and handle can be screwed together with 3 small screws, recessed holes are in the bottom of the handle. No screw holes are in the body as I'm not sure what size screws will be used , so you'll have to line them up and drill yourself The handle should fit a 1 inch pole. I made the light from a cheap pound/dollar store aluminium torch, I cut the top part off about an inch from the led's, I soldered on wires from the inside of the led to the battery pack and switch to complete the circuit. The torch top is hot glued into the main body. Be careful of polarity or you'll destroy the led's. The torch power switch is re-used and should screw or push fit in the handle as shown. The diffuser should push over torch top and can be printed in whatever colour you like. My staff was printed in gold PLA and is transparent enough to allow the colour of the diffuser to show through. I've added a model for the side button in case you want to make the handle look symmetrical. I have some ideas to improve this a little but it was all done in a week so apologies if I've been vague about anything. The globe I printed at .8mm walls 100% infill the rest 1.2mm walls 20% infill.

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