Drain camera exploration pod


Summary This is a Pod I made to explore a suspected broken drain. I made a this to attach a usb endoscope camera to the end of a cable access kit. The camera is a waterproof 7mm camera with built in illumination, I bought one with a 5m cable for about £10 on ebay. It connects to my android phone via a micro usb connector. The camera is installed by laying the camera cable into the slot in the side and sliding the camera and cable into the pod. (See picture) The camera can be secured by either a cable tie (zip tie) or using insulating tape on the cable to secure it to the cable access kit rods. The cable access kit has screw connectors the thread is approximately 3.7mm with a 6.3mm body, this screws well into the pod as well as a portion of the brass body which should prevent the threads from snapping off if the pod is forced around a bend. Print on a raft. Print in orientation supplied. 1.2mm walls (3 shells)

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