Soldering aid for Adafruit Trellis


So, after printing all my Trellis boxes, I realized I now had to actually solder the damn LEDs into the board. Some people are going to say, "Well, why don't you just bend the leads so they hook in place? Or, hey, how about that painter's tape stuff?"

Well, you lot can go straight to H E Double hockey sticks!

I'm sorry, that's not nice. I shall rephrase.

You lot can go straight to your respective ideology's place of eternal damnation and punishment, or, if your ideology lacks such a realm/state of mind, simply punch yourself in the stomach as hard as you possibly can. If you're not knocking the wind out of yourself, you're doing it wrong.

Yeah, dodged a bullet, right there, I did. (high-fives self)

In all seriousness, though, even with those workarounds (which I do use at times, I freely admit... believe me when I say I'm very winded right now as I write this), it's never easy to guarantee those LEDs will stay upright, and albeit you've got some wiggle room under those buttons, it's best they stay as upright as possible. The recesses in this aid should hold the LED at their base, that little lip where the anode and cathode come out of, so you'll see this little gap between your board and the aid. I tried accounting for the lip so the board would be flush with the aid, but this seemed to hold the LED straighter for some reason.

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