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Summary 2017/04/30 New stl. model added Project and enclosure are still under development! I wrote a Blog-Post about wiring and connecting to the Home-Automation-Server - Fhem. This is a simple enclosure for a SDS011 Nova Dust Sensor. I didnt find a useful enclosure on the internet, so i quickly designed one. The dust-Sensor measures the dust and in combination with an WeMos it will send the results into the cloud or to your homeautomation-Server. JSON is supported.

The Sensor you can buy from eBay: in China (not expensive)

Made with ESUN-PETG-Filament: amazon ->

I used PETG because i am using this case outside, and PETG has a better temperature-stability.

More Information about Dust - Sensors you find here (in German):

Seperate BME 280 Case here: Print Settings Printer: GeeeTech i3 x Prusa Clone Rafts: Yes Supports: No Resolution: 0.2 Infill: 15%

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