Small Pre-Choctaw Dalton-Type Projectile Point Arrowhead, 10,000


Summary The wonderful thing about 3D printing technology is that it allows you to create replicas of rare, unusual and educational items that you may never be exposed to otherwise. Like this one. This is a late Paleo-Indian to early Archaic projectile point lithic done in the Dalton tradition. These points appeared in most of Southeast North America around 8500–7900 BC (10,500BP to 9,900BP). These points are finely pressure flaked. Heavy resharpening suggests they were often used as knife blades.This particular point is attributed the ancestral proto-indians of the Choctaw tribe, and was excavated near the Tennessee River in Western Tennessee. Item(s) are currently curated in the Department of Anthropology, Indiana University South Bend. Scanned with NextEngine scanner. Please contact Darryl Ricketts ([email protected]) for proper attribution if used in any other manner than personal, or if you have any questions. Please note that is is highly illegal to excavate or remove Native American archeological resources from State, local, or private lands throughout the United States; Please don't do it! Help protect these archaeological resources. If you find any such remains or items or have any questions on Federal laws, please contact a local professional archeologist. Please post a photo to share if you print this, and check out my other scans of skulls and bones at Be sure to "Like" my Facebook page at to subscribe to my current prints/blogs, and see my Etsy page at for baby fetal scans, skulls, and other items to own.

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