Propeller guard ARF Kingkong 90GT 90mm Micro Drone

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Propeller guard ARF Kingkong 90GT 90mm 

0,2 ABS print 

 Glued together with superglue

Design Files

File Size

3th feet front.stl
5.75 KB
all stl.stl
770 KB
down feet x 4.stl
29.2 KB
85.6 KB
leg frame x 10.stl
13.4 KB
suport frame F-F.stl
61.1 KB
suport frame F-R.stl
61.1 KB
suport frame R-L.stl
61.1 KB
suport frame R-R.stl
61.1 KB
up feet x 4.stl
40.9 KB


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