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Summary A favorite game of mine growing up, instructions on how to play can be found here. Assembled board measures 16"x16"x1/2" (40.6cm x 40.6cm x 1.3cm). Instructions Print 2 of each table piece, 50 playing pieces and bridges in each color you want, and 7 clips. Use the clips in the slots on the bottom to keep the board together. I printed the table pieces at .34mm. Since only the top is seen the layer resolution is not that important for visual appeal and it helps prevent warping and prints faster. At 80mm/s it still took 5 hours for each table piece to print. It also take a very well trammed table and some trial and error. I did not use a raft or ear pieces. For the rest of the pieces I did at .2mm (and 80mm/s). I printed the pawn like pieces on a raft, this kept the bottom of the pieces from flaring out and making it more difficult to fit in the holes. For the bridge pieces I did not use a raft. I would not recommend printing the bridge pieces unattended, if they warp they will pop off and cause all sorts of havoc on your print bed. The clips I also didn't print on a raft. I would recommend printing out the sample table, a few pieces and bridges in the color you are going to print them for testing purposes before you go full size. Adjustments to the table hole size may be needed for the pieces to fit. This was printed on a Replicator 2, glass plate, Aquanet hairspray.

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