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Not having a lot of desk real estate, I often have to inconveniently switch between a keyboard and a graphics tablet, and sometimes an iPad when I'm drawing up something in 53's Paper app or the like. 

In the past, this meant propping up the keyboard next to the printer, which was more than a bit tedious since I still sometimes had to use the board for a shortcut (I'll have to see about getting a number pad for that or some other custom option). Obviously this stand won't make using shortcut keys any less of a hassle (unless you glue it to your desk, or if someone remixes it to have spaces underneath for magnets--you have my sympathy for the former and my blessing for the latter). However, it will keep it from rudely sliding down and into whatever I'm working on while it's supposed to be out of the way.  Albeit I'd intended for this to let you stand the keyboard up tall-wise, this may not be a great option unless your particular version of this Dell keyboard lacks the number pad. Fortunately, thanks to the keys being an equal distance from the edge all the way around, you can balance it horizontally on one or print two and tuck it under your monitor.  More than anything, this was an excuse to get used to Sketchup a program that typically frustrates me on every level down to the very core of my being. I blame myself for being spoiled on more hand-holding programs (cough... Tinkercad... cough) and subsequently impatient with ones that don't. 

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