ATH-M50X Hinge Reinforcement

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Audio Technica ATH-M50(x) are among the most popular over-ear headphone. With great sound and an affordable price, these cans represent one of the best bang-for-the-buck buys in the market. I've been enjoying my M50s for the past three years, but after a while the day-in-day-out abuse I was putting them through was starting to take its toll, and the weakest parts of the design were starting to show.  Specifically, there's a little plastic tab that keeps each hinge from hyper-extending, and when this breaks (as it did for me) your otherwise perfectly functioning headphones will be unusable. That's why I designed this reinforcement bracket. It adds much needed support to the plastic tab so that it doesn't snap off. This design could also be modified to repair a set of M50s where the tab has already snapped off. 

Everyone with M50s should print and use these now. Doesn't matter if your hinges are new or about to go out, this free part will preserve your ~$140 cans! LIKE it if you like it. Share it with anyone who has M50s.

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