Stevenson Screen for F5 MicroCan (iButton) sensors


Summary This is designed to be a Stevenson Screen for 1-wire F5 MicroCan (iButton) sensors that can measure and log temperature and humidity data. The parts can easily be clipped together to build a tower containing multiple sensors. It has two parts: One has a closed top for the top and bottom elements and one has holes to allow better circulation of air for the middle parts. You need to add some sort of stake to the bottom part to be able to stick it into the ground at your desired height. It has yet to be tested in a real world environment, therefore it's still a "work in progress". Print Settings Printer: Mini Fabrikator by Tiny Boy Rafts: No Supports: No Resolution: 0.2 mm Infill: 20% Notes: Prints fine upside down (top on the build plate), but needs cooling since the filament will not have enough time to cool down before the next layer starts. How I Designed This A coworker asked me if I had an idea on how to protect some sensors he was experimenting with from direct sunlight and rain. To create the parts I started working with Fusion360. The clipping mechanism was a little challenging. I had to do a lot of different prototypes. First idea was to have some kind of bayonet mechanism like in BNC connectors, but a complete ring around the part to just clip on to is a lot more stable, easier to design and print. Turns out the simple ideas are better than complex ones :)

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