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This started as a character I made up for a story for my kids, he was found dormant on another world by some young adventurous alien kids and helps them along their story. I've included some sketches or my original ideas along with other character that I would love to model at a later date. He started with legs but as I was modelling I didn't like it and changed it to a hover base which I though would be better for a VR avatar due to movement mechanics in VR, I've articulated this guy so the arms move and is optimized with FDM printing in mind, it would need adjusting slightly for SLA printing with the finer tolerances the ball joints would need to be resized. )but I don't have access to one for testing, wink wink.) also included an extra hand in a more closed position that can be interchanged.


This optimized for FDM printing, Ive minimised the amount of support needed by breaking him up but I still recommend printing with supports, I've tried orientating all the pieces for you in Meshmixer but double check if you have a lay flat option in your slicer, as arm part 1 pieces didn't quite look flat to build plate in Meshmixer.  My build plate sticks really well but some of you may need to add s brim for the small taller arm parts. I printed mine in 0.2 layer height ands it come out really well.


Some assembly is required:

The base of the body and hover sections have 3 holes which the nugs fit in and push together tightly, I didn't need to glue as it was a nice tight fit.

The shoulder ball and 1st section of arm also have a hole for the smaller nugs, you may want to glue this joint as well as you can move the arms around it may come loose.

Then the elbow sections just gently pop together, you will see a small grove in forearm section for the ball to slot through. 

The hands slide on the forearm and are quite tight so no glue should be required, plus you can interchange with the other hand.

The head also has a whole for a the largest nug which connects to the neck, if you leave this unglued you can pose his head.

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Hover Base.stl
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arm part 1 left.stl
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arm part 1 right.stl
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Arms part 2.stl
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connectors and arm ball joints.stl
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