The Humble Velocipede


The Humble Velocipede is a playful desktop toy designed to scuttle over countertops and coffee tables. The design of this toy was inspired by Theo Jansen's Strandbeest creatures, and combines 3D printing with some custom hardware to put the beauty of Jansen's walking mechanism in your hands.

Kits are available for purchase here:

Full instructions for printing and assembly can be found here:

If you don't own a printer you can have these parts printed for you locally through 3DHubs:

Parts are also available for purchase via Shapeways:

If you'd like to buy one already assembled, an assortment of Humble Velocipede prototypes are available for sale here:

For all other things Humble Velocipede related, see the links below!

Follow the design process on Instagram: Watch videos of the Velocipede in action on Vimeo: Read the Humble Velocipede's deep thoughts on Twitter: Say hello to the Velocipede on Facebook: Play with a digital simulacrum online: Shop for Velocipede-inspired fashion:

Design Files

File Size

MCL x10.stl
6.89 MB
ACL x10.stl
9 MB
Endplate x2.stl
5.86 MB
Breastplate x4.stl
11.3 MB
LCL x10.stl
6.31 MB
PCL x10.stl
12.9 MB
Shin x10.stl
34.4 MB
Thigh x10.stl
52.3 MB
4.84 MB


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