Benzene molecule model

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Summary This is a ball-and-stick model of benzene molecule. As you can see, the carbon atoms (black) are linked using two connections which represent the chemical bonds. It was printed with a gypsum powder printer at the Technical University of Berlin during a summer course. I designed it like this in order to better represent the ressonance effect and also to make it less fragile since gypsum model this thin will easily break if you're not careful. The size of atoms and the distance between them take into account chemistry bond theory. The scale is approximately 250.000.000 : 1. Post-Printing After the print is done, we have to clean the remaining powder from its surface and then infuse it with resin in order to make it less fragile. How I Designed This I used Autodesk Inventor for modelling and Autodesk Nettfabb to check if the part was printable.

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