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Quadcopters are ugly things, I wanted mine to look cool and hide all the internals so I designed the PodQuad. Designed in multiple parts so any broken parts can be printed again and replaced. The Pod has a quick release locking ring to allow you to open the pod and swap the battery without having to get your screwdriver out.  The upper half contains mounts for ESC's, flight controllers, PDB and wiring while the lower half contains brackets that can be modified to fit almost any camera and space for that Lipo. Get this bad boy printed and let the invasion begin!

Design Files

File Size

PodQuad Locking Ring.stl
558 KB
PodQuad Camera Brackets.stl
241 KB
Motor Arm 4.stl
1.15 MB
Motor Arm 1.stl
1.15 MB
Camera Mount.stl
88.2 KB
Motor Arm 2.stl
1.15 MB
Motor Arm 3.stl
1.15 MB
Pod Quad Top Half.stl
4.52 MB
PodQuad Arm Brace.stl
191 KB
PodQuad Cap.stl
6.11 MB
PodQuad FC Mount.stl
206 KB
PodQuad Lower Half.stl
10.9 MB
port ring.stl
93.3 KB
Prop Cone.stl
3.57 MB


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