Mix and Match Mobile Phone and Watch Charger Stands


Mix and match Mobile Charger Stand

•Designs for 1, 2, or 3 attachment stands

•Click together or glue

•All attachments swivel and are interchangeable between stands

•Attachments are for Phone, Apple Watch Charger, Solid Plug, or Pen Holder

Designed with OnShape, design public and available for copy / modification,  www.onshape.com, search for "Mix and match Mobile Charger Stands".

Design Files

File Size

Attachment - Apple Watch.stl
645 KB
Attachment - Phone Holder.stl
1.05 MB
Attachment - Single Pen.stl
213 KB
Attachment - Storage.stl
467 KB
Base - Rectangle 2 Hole.stl
203 KB
Base - Square 1 Hole.stl
207 KB
Base - Triangle 4 Hole.stl
354 KB
Plug - Round Plug Top.stl
97.1 KB
Plug - Solid.stl
278 KB
Plug - With Attachment Hole.stl
278 KB


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