Simplified Vinyl Turntable


A revised version of my previous turntable.

I'm uploading as I print and test the build - (hope this ok. I'm sure the peeps at Pinshape will let me know if it's not) - I'll build as I go along and finally test and upload a video of the results. As I go on holiday on 15th July there will be a gap between uploads.

Built  in the same way as my previous, this one is easier to print and has nicer Tonearm Swivel, Headshell and Main Weight. I also have redesigned a more rigid Platter. Only made for 33rpm, but uses the same motor from the other turntable.

First upload: The Platter and the Outer Platters. Mostly Transparent PLA. 30% infill. No top or bottom layers on Outer Platters, and no top layers on Main Platter. 210 extruder 55 heated bed. Wanhao i3.  Platter: 9hrs. Outer Platter 1.50mins. All other setting standard. Platter requires support and just fits on a 200mm sq. bed.

Update: More parts printed and files uploaded.

Design Files

File Size

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Motor Block Base.stl
1.08 MB
Motor Block.stl
1.74 MB
Platter Block Base.stl
950 KB
Platter Block.stl
1.82 MB
Tonearm Block Base.stl
1.33 MB
Tonearm Block.stl
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2.4 MB
Outer Platter.stl
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