Kaldro, Awadi Doorman

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A character from our current Wayfarer game, which can be found here in podcast form: http://illgottengames.blogspot.com/p/lost-agency-...

Kaldro is a Doorman, a specialized technician who can operate technology left by the Bygones. Using the Omnispheres (http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:268401), a Doorman may transport parties of adventurers between realities.

The Awadi (Kaldro's species) are an intelligent, though extremely slow species that evolved peacefully on the paradise-world of Khapia 7. They were created using the Wayfarer random alien tables (the unedited beta can be found here: https://pinshape.com/items/362-3d-printed-wayfarer... ) and Kaldro himself was a random creation (as are many of the characters for our Lost Agency games).

There's no particular scale for this guy, he's just kind of big (about 50mm to the top of his head). I'll make a 28mm version soon.


Printed mine in ABS at a .2 layer height with 20% infill.

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