Wayfarer Random Alien #1 Grezan

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In honor of our first Kickstarter campaign- https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/292543184/wayfarer-slipstream-rpg-adventures-through-the-mul - I've decided that, as we finish work on the rules codex, I'll try and make a random alien species once per week and post it to Thingiverse. These species were designed using a series of tables which I've included here as a PDF excerpt from the codex itself. It might not mean much to anyone before the book is out, but you can see the system at work and by the time the book is released, we'll have a backlog of ready-to-go species profiles for anyone who's interested. The excerpt is raw and unedited, and definitely subject to change.

So, here's the first species, the Grezan:


TECH LEVEL: 3 (Iron-Age)

"A primitive, swamp-dwelling species, the grezan come from a distrustful and highly territorial culture. Once conquered and enslaved by the Tartaran Empire, the grezan have been free since their masters' defeat at the hands of the Dominion."


STR/+0, DEX/+1, BUL/+4, AGI/+1, END/+1,

REA/-1, PER/+0, WIL/+2, CRE/-2, CHA/+3


Acute Sense (Scent) +6, Acute Sense (Sight) +5, Acute Sense (Touch) +8, Amphibious, Natural Armor 5, Skill Adept (Balance) +2, Skill Adept (Fieldcraft: Swamps) +6, Skill Adept (Run) +6, Skill Adept (Swim) +5, Tentacles x6, Skill Inept (Contortion) -6


Openness -2, Conscientiousness +0. Extroversion +0, Agreeableness -2, Neuroticism +3

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This is the "big" version (just over 100mm tall) and was printed at a .2 layer height with 20% infill in white ABS. Had some squirreliness issues on the tendril tips, but oh well, on to the next alien!

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