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A simple and elegant dodecahedron shaped terrarium, available in 5 sizes, with and without drain.

This part somewhat difficult to print due to the long overhangs. To print this part there are some standard options:

  • Use standard supports (manually or auto-generated): it does work, however the end result is poor. You will have part full of marks and probably will not want to use it as decor.
  • In dual extrusion machines, use PLA and PVA: Works well, however PVA is expensive and does not behave all the time. The part will probably end up having some tiny holes here and there due to PVA stringing and oozing.

For this particular print I prefer a third method:

  • Use PLA as the body material with ABS acting as support material.

ABS and PLA have an interesting adhesion properties. Controlling the ABS temperature you can go from very little adhesion (around 220C) to a almost permanent fuse (around 240C). This allow you print any type of support over the PLA and later on remove it without leaving a trace. The ABS behaves very well and do contaminate the PLA. In the timelapse video I printed using black PLA with white ABS as support.

Design Files

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D12 Terrarium - Information.pdf
95 KB
PAR290617-004 - D12Terrarium (LARGE).STL
2.56 MB
PAR290617-008 - D12Terrarium (MEDIUM, with drain).STL
2.67 MB
PAR290617-009 - D12Terrarium (LARGE, with drain).STL
2.63 MB
PAR290617-001 - D12Terrarium (XSMALL).STL
3.5 MB
PAR290617-002 - D12Terrarium (SMALL).STL
2.95 MB
PAR290617-003 - D12Terrarium (MEDIUM).STL
2.6 MB
PAR290617-006 - D12Terrarium (XSMALL, with drain).STL
3.57 MB
PAR290617-007 - D12Terrarium (SMALL, with drain).STL
3.03 MB
PAR290617-010 - D12Terrarium (XLARGE, with drain).STL
2.53 MB
PAR290617-005 - D12Terrarium (XLARGE).STL
2.46 MB


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