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Summary Fashionable, functional, cross pendant I designed to retain my glasses when i'm not driving. BTW this is the 1st design ive shared online and i look forward to following it up with more of my creations. Print Settings Printer: CTC dual Rafts: Doesn't Matter Supports: Yes Resolution: .2 Infill: Pendant=50% Oval loop=100% Notes: I used PLA, however I would be interested to see this design in other interesting materials/colours. Supports only required for The cross pendant- the oval loop doesn't require supports! I believe the best print orientation for the cross pendant is stood up with supports for the arms. I did use a raft for the cross pendant, however it isn't necessarily required. (the oval loop doesn't require a raft. Layer cooling fan used for the cross pendant but not required for the oval loop The oval loop was printed with 100% infill as its too fine to be anything less & the cross pendant was printed with 50% infill (you could print the cross with less or more infill as desired) I modelled the oval loop to be printed with a .4mm nozzle therefore the nozzle performs 2 passes resulting in a thickness of .8mm x .8mm height (4x .2mm layer height). Post-Printing Hot water forming the Oval loop When hot water forming the oval loop DONT use boiling water. Use a regular hot tap for just a couple of seconds whilst slightly stretching the loop by seperating the 5mm & 3mm tools (this takes up the slack of the temporarily malleable pla loop)- Hold this position with gentle pressure for a couple of seconds so the loop cools into its new defined shape as per images step6, step7 & step8.

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