R/C Helicopter Rear Rotor Blade

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As soon as a friend of mine learned that I had a new 3D printer, he began finding things for me to print for him. His R/C helicopter had a broken rear rotor blade, so I said I'd give it a go. The copter is nothing fancy, just a cheap toy without any name or model other than "Tough-Copter".

I printed this twice to get it right. The first time, I printed using a raft and supports with the blade sitting upright as normal. The support material on the bottom of the blades was a PAIN to get off cleanly and smoothly on such a thin part. Next, I printed it with a brim instead and supports, but this time I turned the blade 90° on it's side. This added support to just the underside of the middle cylinder and the mounting points for the blades. That seems to be the best orientation for which to print.

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Supports: Yes 

Resolution: 0.1 

Infill: 60%

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