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One of the biggest factor in consumer 3d printing is time. Printing a toy often means a day. Although we all like when the machine is rendering, I wanted to create something that is fast and easy to print for anyone and also fun to assembly.  Realising that still most of us in the 3d printing community has an FDM printer at home, I thought we can get a bit more out of the filament itself.

What if we would only print joints for the filament to build anything we want? Is there already something like this out there?


The main goal was taking advantage of the springiness and flexibility of the filament and PLA has very good properties for this. After a few iterations the first catapult has been made and I'm really excited what else could be developed.


In the image section there is a step-by-step guide how to assembly the filament catapult. There are only a few tools needed really: a ruler and a plier. The 5 filament pieces and 6 pieces of printed parts/joints can be put together in about 5-10 minutes. 

Happy ejection!

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