Grand Carousel - Master Hub


Now that's a Fidget Spinner. 

This is to be the main bearing hub of a Carousel design I've slowly been working out. This master hub has over 60 parts moving in unison to  allow smooth spinning and support of the carousel frame and riders. 

The lower base is meant to sit on a pole, allowing the upper base to roll around it freely. This is achieved with vertical rollers on the inside of the upper base and horizontal rollers on the lower base.

There are 12 spoke positions, main beams will be inserted into the spoke positions which then attack to the drive ring. There are 20 lower rollers and axles, each slip into their respective openings. There are 18 smaller upper rollers that sit on the preformed axles of the upper base and are locked into place using a ring. 

The Carousel  is a work in progress, but this portion of the design is complete and and  thought I'd share. 

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