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Summary Parts & pieces you need to convert a regualar barrel into a rainbarrel for rainwater recycling. This includes: 1) Barrel side to 1/2" NPT spigot threads (use for spigot and overflow connector) 2) Downspout to flat top connector 3) Corrugated drainpipe to flat top connector 4) Corrugated drainpipe to NPS barrel bung adapter 5) BONUS: Spare NPS barrel bung 6) BONUS: NPS barrel bung wrench Still to do: A) Downspout to flat barrel bung connector B) Make 1 and 4 printable without support material C) Perhaps a Barrel side to 3/4 barb fitting to make overflow easier D) Perhaps an overflow line to hose thread tee so that overflow drains out the connected hose. Related thing you might find useful: Downspout diverter - http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:79194 Instructions Determine which pieces you need. Download and print. NOTES: For all items, ABS is recommended over PLA since the latter may deteriotate. Items 1, 4, an possibly 5 currently need support material. Items 3 and 4 each reuire both their item and also 2 corrugated_top_mount.stl items Item 1 it is recommended to print with slightly thicker walls. Item 1 is curved to match barrel side but if used near the bottom it may need to be heated and formed vertically. Items 1,2, and 3 should be installed with silicone sealant. SOURCE: This uses the attached source for the 1/2 inch threads. Also, if you decide to edit the Blender file, note that I tried to keep the items on the top row of layers and their components on the bottom row below. Also, exported .stl files will have to be scaled to 1000%. Blender's unit system is just strange that way.

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